November 06, 2015

To Send Your Enemies Glitter? This Is One Of The Greatest Business Ideas

Sending your enemies glitter may sound a little strange, even insane, especially if you want to start a business doing this. But do you know that this strange business ideas was turned into a super successful business on the Internet? And this happened practically overnight? If you haven't heard about Mathew Carpenter and his site you will be probably amazed about his story. This is how all happened...

Mathew Carpenter Founds

Mathew decided to build a website that can offer the service to send glitter bombs to anybody in the world. He created the website on 12.01.2015 and put a price tag of $9.99 per glitter bomb. He thought that his idea was innovative and contacted many of the biggest news sites and told them about his idea. Eventually, sites like Daily Telegraph and like his story and published it. So did most of the other sites Mathew got in touch. This was how just in a day or two became so popular, that the site receive more than 1 million visits. Some of these visitors started to order the 'send glitter to your enemies' service and... Carpenter received so many orders, that he couldn't handle the load.

He didn't know what to do, he even asked his customers to stop buying his service. May be he wanted to escape from this situation, or probably to take advantage of the overnight success of his site, he decided to sell it on On 22.01.2015 (9 days later) he put up for sale on a public auction. The site was bought by Peter Boychuk for the amount of $85 000.

The site still operates and if you want to send your enemies glitter, you now know how. Everything is possible in the Internet today. This amazing success story is just one among the many other like it. If you have a good and innovative idea, you can start making loads of money online just like that. Please, share your comments below and tell us what do you think about the story.

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