August 22, 2012

McDonalds - A Brief History

McDonald's has conquered the world for the last years. You can see their well known logo almost in every country around the globe, and try their delicious and highly successful meals. But what has made this business so prosperous? How a man over his fifties managed to create one of the biggest companies of our time? Well, here are some answers in the short story of McDonald's...

In the 1950 milkshakes were an expanding business in the United States. A guy named Ray Kroc was there too, selling multi-mixers which allowed its users to make multiple milkshakes at once. At that time, Kroc's business was running well and he planned to continue it for the rest of his life. One day in 1954 (when Kroc was 52 then), Kroc visited a fast food joint, where he was just amazed, when he saw zounds of customers, waiting patiently for their turn and buying big amount of hamburgers, chips and drinks. That business was run by two brothers - the McDonalds. Kroc just thought that if he could convince the brothers to expand their obviously profitable business, he could sell multi-mixers to each new branch that opened up and he could make a fortune.

That’s correct, Kroc's initial ideas was to sell more multi-mixers. As the next couple of years went on, Kroc was growing more and more frustrated with the McDonald brothers because they didn't want to expand and wanted to run only 5 or 6 restaurants. They were doing their business just for pleasure and to have enough money to support their families. If no new places opened then Kroc couldn’t sell any multi-mixers. Then one day he woke up with an idea, that would change the world.

Kroc’s vision was that more and more people would want their food faster and he looked at McDonalds as the perfect restaurant to satisfy the public appetite. He had a vision for McDonalds that even the McDonald brothers didn’t see. In 1961, with the backing of some investors Kroc bought out the brothers for $2.7 million and the McDonalds restaurant concept was now his.

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