October 31, 2012

What Is Fiver? How It Was Founded

At the end of 2009 two Internet entrepreneurs, Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger teamed up as they felt that there needed to be a new website for people to achieve financial independence. The world nowadays is full of freelancers and people outsourcing projects, the idea of Fiverr is to bring them all into one place.
It was in February 2010 that the website ‘fiverr.com’ went live to the public, and it really did hit the ground running. There was no ‘settling’ in period that most other famous websites have gone through, the idea of fiverr spread like wildfire around the globe. There were over 500,000 gigs listed in the first year. If you haven’t heard of fiverr before let me explain exactly what it is about.

How Does It Work?

www.fiverr.com - Logo
Put simply you can list anything you want to do for $5.00, no matter how crazy it may seem. People then purchase your service. It really is simple. That is why Fiverr is the global juggernaut it is right now in the online freelancing sector. You can pretty much get anything you want on Fiverr, whether it be a couple of articles written for your internet marketing ventures or a video of a Michael Jackson impersonating doing the moonwalk. A quick browse through the website will show you how weird and wacky some of the things on offer are, and I feel that adds to part of the appeal of this website.
As I mentioned previously, over 500,000 gigs were listed in the first year, which goes to show how popular the website became around the internet in such a short space of time. Now you can find people listing their services from over 200 countries around the world, it truly is a global marketplace. Part of the appeal of Fiverr.com is that it is so incredibly easy to work on the website, all the tools are in place to take the order for you as well as the payment, all the workers need to worry about is making sure that they deliver their order on time.
One of the milestones in the history of fiverr.com occurred in January 2012 when a ‘level system’ was put into place. This system allows users to ‘rank up’ when they complete orders. Currently there are three levels (0,1,2) with a ‘Top Rated Seller’ level. The idea is that as you become more popular you get promoted more. After you have completed at least ten orders you can become a level one seller, this means that you can offer ‘gig extras’ and occasionally you will end up taking over $5 on a single order. Over 30% of transactions are now over $5 which really has expanded the amount of money that Fiverr.com rakes in. It really is bringing them close to their goal of being a global marketplace for freelancers.
That is just a brief history of the website; it had only been in action for less than two years and the majority of its history in front of it. Thousands of gigs are being added on a daily basis and the website is constantly attracting investors to take them to a new level. Just when people thought a website couldn’t come along that would change the face of the Internet, along comes Fiverr.com.

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